24 Oct, 2014
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Free Fax Machine Test

How to Test a Fax for Free

When a new fax machine is installed, it can be difficult to determine if it is setup correctly or not.

Here is (2) methods to test your fax out for free!

Instructions to do your free Fax Test:

Things You'll Need:

  • Fax machine
  • Telephone line
  • Documentation on how to use the fax
  • If fax is sharing same line as DSL Modem, also have dsl line fileter on fax machine.
  • Test the fax machine first, by dialing the fax number with your cell phone / phone to see if it picks-up.

Send/Receive Test  (HP Fax Test Service)
  • Load the paper into the fax machine following the manufacturer's instructions.

  • Dial "1-888-473-2963" on the fax machine and press "Send" or "Start," depending on your fax machine.

  • Wait for the fax to finish transmitting. You will receive a return fax from HP within five to seven minutes of completion. If the fax is received, then your machine is setup properly. If you do not receive the fax, then there is a problem with its configuration.

Receive Test (Interpage Free Fax Demo)
  • Enter your fax number with no additional characters in the field labeled "Phone Number."

  • Enter any character in the field labeled "Alpha/Numeric Character:" which will be displayed on the cover page to differentiate fax attempts. Enter a different character each time you test your fax machine.

  • Enter a message into the field labeled "Message." Please note, this message will not be transmitted with the fax, although the field cannot be left blank.

  • Click "Send Fax" to send your test fax. The fax will be sent within a few moments of submitting.