26 Oct, 2014
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Tech Notes PC Games Witcher 2 - Gargoyle Contract - Puzzle Rooms Chapter 3

Witcher 2 - Gargoyle Contract - Puzzle Rooms Chapter 3

The Gargoyle Contract quest, Chapter 3

Gargoyle Contract - Puzzle Rooms - Runes of Power / Signs

There are 3 rooms guarded by Gargoyles, and sometimes inside the room 1 huge stone guardian.


Each room has on chest protected in red lightning with four magical signs/ runes you have to extingusih in the correct order.


There is a book - if you click on it that gives you a clue in the order of doing this correctly.


The clue varies each time, but all the clues break down into four types of runes.

The runes signify these things:

Runes of Power
Time rune3
Sky rune1
Art rune2


The clue will by poem like and give you clues to which order to extinguish the runes.

Example 1:
A doe's shadow
The moon quietly moans
It is Autumn already
Solution: animal sky art time

Example 2:
Three field mice
Dance in a circle at dusk
Stars are like grain
Solution: animal art time sky

Example 3:
Glittering fish
Dying on a fresco
Struck by lightning
Solution: animal time art sky

Example 4:
On the dark sky
The beauty of a falcon's flight
Faster and faster
Solution: sky art animal time

Example 5:
Clouds are like bees
When bells ring
Solution: art sky animal time

Example 6:
Behold the Comet
It is like a wolf in times of scarceness
An evil lullaby
Solution: sky animal time art