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Cloud - File Server

Cloud - Virtual Server & Workstations

Cloud Server - putting your company server in the cloud is now affordable and reliable.

Pay-as-you-go model which allows you to scale up or down depending on your needs.
Quickly seize new opportunities and get projects up and running with the scalability of our solution. When it
comes to pricey hardware, you can save a lot by using our infrastructure and buying only what you use. With
IaaS, eliminate the many negative aspects of IT expansion, especially issues with in-house infrastructure, while
still receiving the processing power and storage space that you need to run.

Benefits of CloudServer
Your servers, our Cloud, the best service in the industry. RapidScale gives you
on-demand capacity with the best infrastructure tools and utilities in the industry.
Smart Build Data Centers
NetApp Storage
Cost Effective
100% Uptime Guarantee
Advanced Monitoring
24x7x365 Support


Desktop as a Service is changing the way people do business in the workplace. You are no longer chained to your office computer.

The world has gone mobile, and you need to keep up. With Desktop as a Service, you can get your applications on any device, anywhere.

Take CloudDesktop with you on your tablet, smartphone, desktop, zero client, and other devices. You now have the opportunity to
be more flexible and productive because you can stay connected with your company and data while having the freedom to be away from the office.

CloudDesktop is scalable and dynamic based on your application and storage needs. By using a service that is hosted virtually.

Your Team will have the freedom to scale the service up or down according to your constantly changing business specifications.

CloudDesktop is the solution that will always accommodate your specific needs. When you grow, we grow with you.
Our CloudDesktop product set is powered by the HDX protocol which now delivers rich HD graphics and accelerated performance right out of the box.

With the option to run in a private or multi-tenant environment, every business with an office staff can benefit from running a virtualized desktop.

Our newest option to run your desktop entirely on RAM storage means blistering performance unlike anything your users
have ever experienced before. Flexibility among platforms means that you can bring your Windows applications with you on any modern computing platform on the market today.

Benefits of CloudServer
Enterprise-Grade Security
One-Stop Management
Easily Accessible
24x7x365 Support
Service Guarantee
Any Device
Hybrid Architecture
Decrease Monthly Overhead
100% Availability Pledge
Avoid Computer Refresh Cycles


CloudRecovery - Disaster Recovery as a Service:

Disaster Recovery as a Service works by first securely safeguarding your data in our Cloud.

Our recovery and de-duplication testing allows us to have the fastest Recovery Time Objective (RTO) in
the industry, Our Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions will secure your business data
and ensure minimal downtime in the event of a disaster. Keep your business applications and data
safe and accessible at all times with CloudRecovery.

Replication to cloud virtual machines can be used to protect both cloud and on-premises production instances.

In other words, replication is suitable for both cloud-VM-to-cloud-VM and on-premises-to-cloud-VM data protection.

For applications that require aggressive RTO and recovery point objectives (RPOs), as well as
application awareness, replication is the data movement option of choice.

Benefits of CloudRecovery
CloudRecovery service is about planning and designing your business’ Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) around each application. We
provide cost effective high density and low density storage and complete Disaster Recovery as a Service solutions for automatic failover.

We Protect Data
Custom Designed DR Solutions
Security is our Top Priority
Tier 3/Class 1 Data Centers
HIPAA and PCI Compliant
24x7x365 Support
Government Grade AES-256
Instant Restoration
Constant Validation
Unlimited Retention
User Specified Backup

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