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Server Online Backup

Cloud Online Backup for Servers & Workstations

Cloud Server, VM & Workstations Backup Online and more!

SecureBackup gives you everything you need to be able to offer your customers a comprehensive, robust and ultra-secure backup solution - regardless of their business size or backup needs. Growing data volumes and often complex backup requirements mean that the extensive features that SecureBackup provides are precisely what you need to manage efficiently, resourcefully and affordable.

Our SecureBackup

Ultra-fast, and trusted by MSPs across the globe, SecureBackup offers military-grade protection for your customers data. That all adds up to peace of mind for you - and a service your customers will love you for. Brand-able as your own solution its quick and easy to deploy, configure and manage from one central browser-based, access-anywhere management console.

See all your customers backups through one pane of glass, check backup status and re-mediate failed backups quickly and easily.

Offer your clients an enterprise grade online backup service that will keep their critical business data safe at a price they can afford - and a price YOU can afford too. We don't ask for any money down - you only pay for what you use and there's no expensive hardware or software to buy.

But this is the best bit..

It comes with extremely low labor overheads for your business. It's easy to set up and fully automatic once its up and running, and it also makes it easy for your customer to self-serve and recover lost files - without calling you. Sounds good, right?

  1. Choose either the full SecureBackup package that utilizes SecureBackup data centers for data storage - or if you're up and running full-throttle with your own storage in place, go for our Software-only option
  2. Whichever you go for, it's fully brand-able as your own solution
  3. See all your customers backup status through one browser-based pane of glass
  4. Variable retention period - YOU decide
  5. Archive facility - snapshots daily, weekly, monthly - whatever your customers need
  6. Incredibly secure - you chose the security settings from secure 128-bit to ultra-secure military-grade Blowfish 448-bit encryption
  7. Comprehensive reports - daily for your customers and summary reports for you
  8. Works with Windows, Linux, OSX platforms, MS Exchange, Sharepoint, SQL, MySQL and Oracle applications. And we even have your back on Virtualized environments Hyper-V and VMware

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Compare Ours to Mozy Pro
Omega My Backup Mozy Pro Server Backup
Licens Name Alloted GB Cost Overage
Local 10 10GB $20 month .45 cents
Entry 35GB $30 month .45 cent
Basic 100GB $60 month .40 cents
Standard 500GB $195 month .35 cents
Premium 3000GB $500 month .25 cents
Unlimited Unlimited $900 month NA
.50 per Gigabyte per month
Month to Month, No Contract Month to Month
Billed by PayPal Standard credit processor
Block-level compression No
De-duplication No


Please contact one of our Tech Reps to assist with installation and  purchase.

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