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Free Utilities

Utilities_FolderTop Free Recommended Utilities & Applications by Omega Magnus   
Free Utilities & Programs:   
Microsoft Fix IT
Free - Instructions on helping with common problems.
7 zip
Free - Zip and unzip files - compression tool
Screen Capture - Green
Free - fast and advanced screen capture software
VLC Media Player
Free - Most popular media / video player for multi formats

Shareit (lenovo)
Free - application to make it easy to send photos, videos, documents to other devices

No need of cables or USB drives to do to send the data.


I'm watching my favorite TV shows with Hulu Plus and thought you'd enjoy it.

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File Sync Utilities:   


Drop Box (#1) Online File Storage / Backup for Home

Free 2 GB to use!

Computer Defrag \ Old File Remover \ Clean Disk: 
Driver Sweeper
Utility to remove unused hardware system drivers on the computer
Show Hidden
Small utility that will display all hidden folders, and files on computer
Removes locked files, files in use
Detects system, application and registry problems and fixes them.
Advance defragment tool for hard drives.
PC Decrapifier
Removes free crap programs you get on new pc computers.
  PC Decrapifier  
Revo Uninstaller
Removes programs that will not uninstall correctly
  PC Decrapifier  
square Credit Card Sales, Free Web Cart & Free POS Software
Hardware Spec Analyzer & Benchmark:    
HWM BlackBox
Displays detail hard specs and benchmark
  Adobe reader  
Very popular system monitor for PC
  Adobe reader  
Voip / Network Analyzer (FogLight)   Adobe reader  
Photo & Video Editors (free):   
Screen Capture - Green
Free - fast and advanced screen capture software
Fast and simple image viewer and editor 
Advance photo editor & image designer similar to Phoshop.
Advance photo editor similar to Phoshop.
Advance video / dvd player - plays almost any format

google apps

Click here for Free trial of Google Apps

Google Email & Apps - Email (Gmail), Calendar, Google Drive, Gmail Docs, Gmail Sheets, Gmail Slides, Gmail Sites, and Gmail Hangout and more!

Get all of these tools in the Google Apps suite for $5 / user / month.

 FREE - Windows 8 Start Buttons:

Start Menu 8
Get your start button back - like XP / Windows 7.

It works on Windows 8 / 2012 Server - workgroup or domain seems to work fine with both.

FREE Internet Design & Desktop Programs:   
Mozilla Thunderbird | FireFox
Email Client and web browser
PWAM - Free
Password, Website, Game Manager
Fast file download utility

Open Office Suite
(works like Microsoft Office and it is free!)
is both an open-source product and a project.


XML Notepad 2007

XML Notepad 2007 provides a simple intuitive user interface for browsing and editing XML documents - free.


NVU Web Editor

Very easy to use web editor, no programming needed - free.


Microsoft Expression Web

Similar to Microsoft Office and builds nice websites - free


Microsoft Expression Design

Build nice graphical layout for applications - free

Backup and Online File Storage:

Omega Magnus Cloud Backup

(Paid) Reasonably priced cloud backup for Computers & Servers.

Backup program for XP or Server


Drop Box (#1) Online File Storage / Backup for Home

Free 2 GB to use!



Free 4GB + 250 MB each time your friends join!



CX Backup and File Sharing

  • Store Content
  • Sync Files
  • Share the way you want
  • Group Sharing made easy

10 GB -free + another 300 MB free for signing up by clicking the link below!!

Click here to signup and get free 10GB + 300 MB

Top Desktop Sharing Utilties (free):
Easy way share desktop / screen / software / remote control/ data collaborateration   


Great quick way to support someone's PC for training or PC help.



Remote control (Free) - very good for remote control! 


(demo free) Very nice - Tech Support Computer Share

Windows - Hot Software (Full Version - Purchase):
Hot Software purchases for the PC.   



Computer Hardware / Software

Magenta Computer Center

  • Full-service integrator for OC Area
  • Custom computer workstations and servers
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • School Microsoft Licensing
  • Custom Appliances
  • Special Order Cables and Accessories
  • Special Order Raid / SCSI cards and connectors
  • Specialized in helping school districts
  • Sonicwall Dealer

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Computer Help:

Computer & Laptop Support

  • Windows
  • Apple / MAC OSx

Just schedule a time - and one of our techs will remote into your computer.

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Server & Network Support

  • Windows Server
  • Terminal Server
  • SQL & Quickbooks
  • Apple Server
  • Standard Network and Internet Support

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