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Website Hosting

Omega Web Hosting - Website hosting and other domain services


Some of the best service and pricing anywhere for web hosting.

  • You can choose none USA Servers
  • Good price on bandthwith and disk space
  • Supports Wordpress, Joomla and others
  • Shell and FTP Access
  • Email supports multiple forwards
  • www.magnusware.com - is hosted here!
  • Dedicated and VPS Servers for both windows and linux

DreamHost - Web Services 

 Dream Host


Some of the best service (USA) and pricing anywhere for web and email hosting. 

  • USA Servers
  • Unlimited Bandwith and Disk Space
  • Supports PHP, Wordpress, Joomla, PERL, RUBY on RAILS
  • JABBER Server
  • Shell and FTP Access - by domain
  • www.omegamagnus.com - is hosted here!


Web Domain Registery: Great Prices and Easy to Use!


Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting



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Computer Hardware / Software

Magenta Computer Center

  • Full-service integrator for OC Area
  • Custom computer workstations and servers
  • Computer hardware
  • Computer Software
  • Microsoft Licensing
  • School Microsoft Licensing
  • Custom Appliances
  • Special Order Cables and Accessories
  • Special Order Raid / SCSI cards and connectors
  • Specialized in helping school districts
  • Sonicwall Dealer

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Computer Help:

Computer & Laptop Support

  • Windows
  • Apple / MAC OSx

Just schedule a time - and one of our techs will remote into your computer.

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Server & Network Support

  • Windows Server
  • Terminal Server
  • SQL & Quickbooks
  • Apple Server
  • Standard Network and Internet Support

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