Omega Magnus – Computer Maintenance Service:

  • We provide break-and-fix repair and services in Orange County, CA.
  • For large-scale upgrades at national multi-site locations, we can support national USA projects and upgrades.
  • We provide remote client support at a National Level in the USA.
  • We provide Technology Project management support at a National Level.

OM Video on Youtube:


Omega Magnus – Cyber Security Services:

Provide national-scale Cyber Security Solutions for the USA. Omega Magnus has developed a new website that focuses on Cyber Security and provides services to help meet the needs of SMBs and Enterprise businesses. Please visit our new website on Cyber Security for more information.

Computer Repair / Cyber Security


Omega Magnus – Save Money on Business Services!

  • We can save money on your business service bills
  • Technology bills include the Internet, phone, VoIP, and Cloud.
  • Energy bills – Natural Gas, Electrical – in many states. 
  • Let us help you Slice up old service bills and save money today!